PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy uses an electrical current in conjunction with a looped wired to produce a magnetic field which is then activated and deactivated in cycles. PEMF has been shown to repair damaged or diseased tissue including torn tendons and fractured bones, and improves circulation. It has also been shown to stimulate cartilage cells, decrease pain and improve metabolism of cartilage cells. This treatment is often used in conjunction with the other regenerative treatments to enhance the effectiveness of these treatments.

PEMF Therapy relieves acute and chronic pain by activating electrically charged particles that turn off inflammation and turn on cellular repair. It makes the compromised cells take in more oxygen and nutrients thereby allowing the Lymphatic (Detox) system to work and easily get rid of toxins and cellular waste. This in turn reduces inflammation, pain, swelling and greatly enhances your bodies healing capacity. PEMF repairs non-healing bone fractures and torn tendons while also regenerating damaged and diseased tissue.

A looped wire is placed around the injured area and the PEMF machine is activated according to the setting specified by your doctor for your injury as well as sensitivity. Every person reacts differently sensitivity wise to a pulsing PEMF field. Some patients may have severe conditions, but are able to withstand much higher intensity settings. Other’s may be sensitive on parts of their body where there is no injury. The patient’s level of comfort is first and foremost when they are receiving PEMF therapy. Usually patients find that they experience stress reduction and relaxation within minutes of completing a Delta Pulse PEMF session since it relaxes the vascular system in the body.

PEMF uses the reparative process within the patient’s body to heal itself. Since everyone’s extent of pain/severity of injury is different, there is no set treatment protocol. A patient suffering from chronic pain may need to have several treatments over an extended period of time. However, since PEMF accelerates the healing process, many patients have immediate pain relief as well as enhanced muscle function following the treatment.